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Are ISA’s or SIPP’s the Better Investment?

While the term ‘investment’ conjures up images of Wall Street and lucrative markets such as the foreign exchange, it in fact refers to something far more diverse and impactful. This is an important point to keep in mind, as it helps to demystify the concept of investment and makes it far less intimidating to everyday citizens.

Quite simply, there are a number of basic investment options which are accessible to those without knowledge of the financial market. Take ISA’s and SIPP’s, for example, which essentially serve as retirement savings vehicles that offer flexibility and viable interest rates to applicants. These types of government-backed pension schemes can be started by anyone in employment, which in turn enables younger citizens to build more substantial wealth over time.

Facts and Challenges: Are ISA’s or SIPP’s better in the Current Economy?

Two years ago, banking giant HSBC released a report which suggested that many of the world’s global communities are failing to save. Surveying 15,000 consumers across 15 global markets, it was revealed that the average American saver would exhaust their retirement fund just 14 years into their retirement. This was typical across other markets too, as while the average international retirement length is now 18 years the corresponding value of savings is expected to last for just 10. This means that people of all ages and demographics are struggling to save, which highlights the relevance of independent savings vehicles such as ISA’s and SiPP’s.

These facts aside, there is another potential issues facing savers in reside in the UK. According to investment savings experts Killik and Co, the Tories may look to limit pension contributions for high-earners who have an annual salary in excess of £150,000. This would hit the majority of SiPP’s hard, primarily because it would negate the significant tax advantages and employee contributions that distinguish such an investment vehicle. While the proposed purpose of these cuts is to fund huge inheritance tax allowances, they would also render SiPP’s increasingly redundant in the next five years.

With the Tories now holding an estimated six seat lead over Labor, they are favourites to win the upcoming election. Although they are unlikely to build the required majority, they should have ample opportunity to drive home this bill without serious opposition in the House of Commons. This, allied to the relative simplicity and flexibility of ISA accounts when compared with SiPP’s, would render such as investment vehicle far more lucrative and secure during the next parliamentary reign (especially for those whose pensions would be impacted by new legislation).

The Last Word

Ultimately, your decision on the best penny stocks to watch will hinge on numerous factors including your annual salary, political alignment and typical level of disposable income. Medium-earners who have comfortable disposable income without tipping the £150,000 threshold may still benefit from the tax advantages of SiPP’s, while also benefiting from matching employee contributions.

In contrast, those at more extreme ends of the earning spectrum will tend to favour ISA’s. While those with minimal income will benefit from the flexibility and low contribution thresholds associated with ISA’s, higher-earners will avoid any potential restrictions that may be implemented between now and 2020. Either way, there is still ample opportunity to save and identify the ideal investment vehicle for you in 2015.

How to Profit from a Loss

While it may sound strange, it is possible for investors to profit from loss. This is thanks to derivative products such as debt securities, which enable investors to actively seek failing companies, buy their debt and assume control.

This was in evidence recently in the Asia Pacific market, as India Inc. raised a record 85,000 Rupees through the private placement of corporate debt securities. Through these placements, companies issued debt securities and bonds to institutional investors, raising capital and creating profit on the back of decline.

Investing in Debt Securities: Why is it Popular in the Current Market?

There are multiple reasons why this market is popular in 2015. The first is that while there are always commercial entities that are failing and look to be on the brink of extinction, many of these consolidate and ultimately recover. This is thanks to the plethora of recovery options for insolvent firms, which offer tremendous flexibility when coping with a range of issues. With this in mind, there is always a sense that large firms will regain their strength and re-emerge into the market.

In the meantime, there share price has plummeted and create an opportunity for investors to build wealth through awesome penny stocks on the back of their recovery. There is also diversity in the debt securities market, however, and the fact remains that simply buying shares may not be the best way to prosper. As the India Inc. deal proves, there may be more value in privately placing securities or issuing bonds to investors. This is much more attractive, especially if you are dealing with a large corporate entity that has the resources to rebuild and restructure.

If a company has assumed too much debt and is on the brink of filing for bankruptcy, it becomes a prime target for investors and should be one of the top penny stocks to buy. From here, investors aim to become a major creditor by buying bonds in bulk at a rock bottom price, which in turn afford them power and control over the future development of the company’s structure. Whether the result is reorganisation or liquidation, investors are well placed to profit and earn some form of return on their original investment.

A Final Thought

Quite different to investing in the best penny stocks, the philosophy behind this type of investment is similar to other derivative markets. Essentially, there is an opportunity to profit even in the wake of loss, and debt security or bond investors make their move with a belief that the company in question will ultimately recover.

There is an inherent level of risk involved in this investment, especially if you lack a commercial background or an understanding of how to help manage and restructure debt. Timing is also a key issue, as it is important to target debt securities and bonds when the prices hit the lowest point. As the India Inc. deal proves, however, there is money to be made from ultimate stock alerts in this market and even during a strained economy.

Best Productivity Ideas for Small Businesses

We are witnessing a new era, with an impact of fast software development and technical possibilities which are increasing by the very hour. The questions of our yesterday have now become the possibilities of tomorrow. Our health system, energy system, architecture, transportation – it seems like the new age is awakening and upgrading every segment of our lives. Logically, it comes as no surprise that computer usability and speed are improving by the second too, not to mention the size! 40 years ago that very same screen before your eyes required a technology stored in a large hall, and tons of equipment was needed just to perform one simple operation. Now this is what concerns us.

How are we using this technology that is so easily accessible? Sure, large companies thrive on the reliability and precision of custom made software. The human factor is excluded as much as it is possible, and the results of cutting costs in resources are obviously compelling. But how can a decent, hard working entrepreneur benefit from this very same expertise?

The answer is simple. Business intelligence software provides visual information, and 65% of people are visual learners. We simply make conclusions faster and more precisely if we can comprehend the quantity in a physical form. The work from a whole team of analysts is now a matter of seconds and results are here before your eyes. Not to mention how easy it is to stay in touch with your staff, keep a record of your meetings, even accounting is reduced down to a simple application on your screen. But now, we have entered a completely new age of business intelligence. Your complete office, staff, experts and reliable employees are tiny pieces of information that flow all around us, and are conveniently at your service, easily consulted, and in the palm of your hand when you need them. Welcome some of the best Cloud based business intelligence software of the modern day, built especially for small businesses.


Most entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t start their own companies because they are very good with numbers. They do it out of passion, spirit and for the sake of independence, and numbers are usually the factor that’s the cause of all troubles. Not anymore. With could based software such as QuickBooks, you will have a constant watch over your expenses, you will be able to manage and pay your bills, and even have a direct feed from your banking account. All results are visually presented for your convenience, and reliability is one thing that you are guaranteed. Most banks and accounting services are already well informed about QuickBooks, and are supporting the service.

Customer administration

Certainly, a definite choice for every business owner is Salesforce, and if you mention that name to a well informed entrepreneur who had the chance to work with this company, you will hear that the possibilities when using this system are almost intimidating. You can find your customers, offer them your product and even keep them returning with not even moving from the place you are sitting at at this moment. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more approachable solution, and easy access features that will do the same thing for lower cost, you can also try Nimble. You can even try its options for free.

When you get the chance to get familiar with some of these options, you will soon realize how responsive and adaptable platforms they are based on. All data information is stored miles away, but available in a matter of seconds, and with using remote access software you will be able to save time, money and even the question of security, when it comes to Cloud software, is out of the question.

As we have already acknowledged, we are witnessing a new age, a new era, and to counter the popular opinion, there is a way for the little man to thrive in this modern day and age. In fact, maybe you will be surprised by the fact that small businesses, such as many penny stocks to watch, support more than a half of the entire U.S. population. There is a solid opportunity for success, and now you have the tools of the trade, what are you waiting for?