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Best Productivity Ideas for Small Businesses

We are witnessing a new era, with an impact of fast software development and technical possibilities which are increasing by the very hour. The questions of our yesterday have now become the possibilities of tomorrow. Our health system, energy system, architecture, transportation – it seems like the new age is awakening and upgrading every segment of our lives. Logically, it comes as no surprise that computer usability and speed are improving by the second too, not to mention the size! 40 years ago that very same screen before your eyes required a technology stored in a large hall, and tons of equipment was needed just to perform one simple operation. Now this is what concerns us.

How are we using this technology that is so easily accessible? Sure, large companies thrive on the reliability and precision of custom made software. The human factor is excluded as much as it is possible, and the results of cutting costs in resources are obviously compelling. But how can a decent, hard working entrepreneur benefit from this very same expertise?

The answer is simple. Business intelligence software provides visual information, and 65% of people are visual learners. We simply make conclusions faster and more precisely if we can comprehend the quantity in a physical form. The work from a whole team of analysts is now a matter of seconds and results are here before your eyes. Not to mention how easy it is to stay in touch with your staff, keep a record of your meetings, even accounting is reduced down to a simple application on your screen. But now, we have entered a completely new age of business intelligence. Your complete office, staff, experts and reliable employees are tiny pieces of information that flow all around us, and are conveniently at your service, easily consulted, and in the palm of your hand when you need them. Welcome some of the best Cloud based business intelligence software of the modern day, built especially for small businesses.


Most entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t start their own companies because they are very good with numbers. They do it out of passion, spirit and for the sake of independence, and numbers are usually the factor that’s the cause of all troubles. Not anymore. With could based software such as QuickBooks, you will have a constant watch over your expenses, you will be able to manage and pay your bills, and even have a direct feed from your banking account. All results are visually presented for your convenience, and reliability is one thing that you are guaranteed. Most banks and accounting services are already well informed about QuickBooks, and are supporting the service.

Customer administration

Certainly, a definite choice for every business owner is Salesforce, and if you mention that name to a well informed entrepreneur who had the chance to work with this company, you will hear that the possibilities when using this system are almost intimidating. You can find your customers, offer them your product and even keep them returning with not even moving from the place you are sitting at at this moment. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more approachable solution, and easy access features that will do the same thing for lower cost, you can also try Nimble. You can even try its options for free.

When you get the chance to get familiar with some of these options, you will soon realize how responsive and adaptable platforms they are based on. All data information is stored miles away, but available in a matter of seconds, and with using remote access software you will be able to save time, money and even the question of security, when it comes to Cloud software, is out of the question.

As we have already acknowledged, we are witnessing a new age, a new era, and to counter the popular opinion, there is a way for the little man to thrive in this modern day and age. In fact, maybe you will be surprised by the fact that small businesses, such as many penny stocks to watch, support more than a half of the entire U.S. population. There is a solid opportunity for success, and now you have the tools of the trade, what are you waiting for?