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New Business Strategies for Complex Corporate Environments

New Business Strategies and Business Environments

With the onset of the Global Financial Crisis, more and more businesses are beginning to rethink their respective business strategies, in order for them to maintain competitiveness and profitability. However, in formulating new business strategies, what do we need to know about the current business environment? Given that business environments are always changing, mainly due to business cycles, what do we need to know in order for us to formulate winning business strategies?

According to Kaplan and Norton , it is important for new business to actually make new and effective business strategies that both tackle internal and external environments, which includes the prevailing business environments. In this case, whenever formulating new strategies, especially in the corporate sector, it is important to look at several key indicators such as inflation, the position of competitors, the rate if employment and unemployment, the willingness of consumers to spend, as well as the overall rate of economic growth in the country.

In this case, such factors will surely help business formulate their specific strategies, whether to focus on offering new products that would fit current consumer spending trends, or on building a more competitive and productive labor force, or even looking at potential competitive advantage over other competitors.

However, looking into the external general business environment would not be enough, given that it is also important for a business organization to look into internal factors, such as the productivity of the current labor force, efficiency rates, and even the SWOT analysis. In this case, Kaplan and Norton suggests that for new strategies to succeed, it is important that a business organization must be able to translate its thrust into all of the components of the organization, taking into consideration changing business environments.